The Whiskey Chaser Running Festival will feature three extreme trail races: 5- and 10-k solo runs, plus a 20k relay, through the hills of Brown County.

Participants in this 100% trail event will tour the Hard Truth grounds the rugged way and finish up their races with a "shot mile" — for each of the three, .33-mile trips around Hard Truth Lake, they'll do a shot of Hard Truth Cinnamon Vodka.

Runners should expect to meet some hard truths throughout the race — you'll be facing several steep hills, creek crossings, and all of the other fun things that come with getting out into nature.


5K runners and walkers will run one lap around the 5k course.
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The 10K race will consist of 2 laps around the 5k course.


Relay teams will consist of either 2-person teams or 4-person teams.  For the 2-person teams, each runner will run the 5k loop twice then tag their teammate.  For the 4-person relay, each person will run the 5k loop once before tagging their teammate.


You’ve heard of the Beer Mile, we have a Shot Mile.  This race will consist of taking a shot of Hard Truth Spirits on a 3 lap course around the pond.



This is an EXTREME trail race! Not for the faint of heart. The course is a 5k loop with creek crossings and challenging hill climbs. We challenge you to run the "Three Bears" of this course. Baby Bear, Moma Bear and Poppa Bear.

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